About Us!

What's an "Arctic Fox"

If you've never seen one of us, we're usually weigh between 2.5 and 8 kilograms and slightly less than 1 meter in length head to tail. We're snow white in winter, but our fur sheds to black or brown in summer. 5% of us in Canada are tinted blue. Our tails are nice and fluffy. They're around a third of our total body length and good for a warm nap!

The Arctic!

Where we live

We live around the north pole, where ever lemmings are available. The arctic tundras of Greenland, Iceland, Canada, northern Russia, and Europe.


Our favorite food

We love lemmings! Preying on dozens each day. We are omnivorous, preying on whatever meat source we can find including those helpless baby seals in spring (don't blame me). And berries. I always try to bury excess meat for when food gets scarce.


And our adaptations

We are furred (if you can't tell). Just our underfur (the warm stuff) can be 6 cm thick. Our stout legs and muzzle to decrease surface-to-volume ratio to prevent heat loss. We've adapted an amazing blood heat exchange system where heat in blood going to is exchanged with blood coming from are externalities.


How we reproduce

After our playful mating ritual in spring, we litter an average of 9 every summer. We tend to reuse old dens, and mate again after first litter. Both mama and papa fox work hard to feed kits who leave den in 15 months.

Red Foxes!

A threat to our survival

We're almost apex predators in the arctic tundra. Save for large furless bipeds with guns who think our skin is fun to wear (they're not!). Winters here are getting warmer each year. Red foxes ranges are moving north; and competing for lemmings and out lives! Our habitat are under threat to land development and petroleum extraction.


About me

My name is Arctic Kona, a Greenlandic arctic fox interested in fictional animals. More about me.

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