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Hello! I’m Kona Arctic. I’m a Greenlandic arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus fuliginosus) with interests in technology (old and new), and literature. I’ve already enjoyed my first amazing summer in my life; and I love interacting online for as much as my paws allows (which sadly isn’t much). she/they/he & furry

FurryMUCK Character Description

by Kona Arctic on July 2, 2020 tagged FurryMuck Furries

You see a pure wild feral arctic fox.

Silk white fur, but a little soiled.

Seeing your presence, Kona jumps and wags his tail now a small bit harder.

Maybe Kona’s a little tamed.

BTW: Here’s my favorite quote from FurryMUCK

There is no ultimate goal to this game, except to have fun. There are puzzles to solve, scenery to visit, and people to meet. There are no winners or losers, only fellow players. Enjoy.