Hey everyone! I haven’t posted in a long time. (Never, actually). And since it’s almost Halloween, I went with the International club of DMCI and carved some Jack-O-Lanterns!

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Here we are: Pumpkins carving The International Club

We got candy too. Enough to give me a tooth ache. Candy I did not eat more than I should’ve

I had an unusual team. With a Marxist, a furry, and someone who ate raw pumpkin flesh. Hammer and Sickle We supposedly had a Hammer and Sickle Jack-O-Lantern last year.

Yet we were able to turn these … Pumpkins These are not light

… into these: Fruits (literally) of labor Fruits (literally) of labor Fruits (literally) of labor Fruits (literally) of labor Fruits (literally) of labor Excellent job everyone. Guess which one was ours.

Anyhow, everyone seemed to have alot of fun preparing for the spookiest of seasons, while making new friends and practicing their English. Plus, winners took home a box of chocolates.